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Mineral.io offers an 100% money back guarantee on most web design services. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will refund the money you spent on your web design (less credit card processing fees — 2.9% the transaction). If you don’t like it, you get your money back. This guarantee helps inspire us to do the best possible work while providing our customers with a great sense of comfort and security.

How it works

If you are not happy with your website design or if you aren’t happy with the design process, we ask that you allow us to do what we can to fulfill your expectation; however, if we are unable to do so and you decide to cancel, we will void the balance due and promptly return your deposit back to you.


There are a few exceptions, and you should understand those conditions under which we can’t provide a refund:

  • You purchased hourly development assistance to fix a legacy issue on a previous Shopify theme, an SEO audit, or a Shopify a “simple store set-up” at $1,500. As a subjective design deliverable is not included in any of these services, we cannot offer a full refund.
  • You enlisted our help to convert PSD designs (supplied by you) to a Shopify theme. As above, since there is no subjective design deliverable in this project we cannot offer a refund; unless the final theme is found to be faulty or malfunctions.
  • Hourly development work is not subject to refund unless there are errors in the code or the end result clearly does not meet agreed-upon expectations.
  • You paid a 50% deposit on a larger scale development (dev, apps, code, scripts) project, over $1,500. This is an implicit indication that we should proceed with development and cannot offer a refund.
  • If you have already approved the acceptance of a Shopify theme design we cannot provide a refund. The theme design will be mutually agreed upon during the “Design Phase” of each full store build out. Your approval here represents an acceptance of the final project and serves as an implicit statement of satisfaction.
  • If you have failed to communicate with us for more than 30 days, any refunds will be at the discretion of Mineral.io.
  • Your business should close, change its name, or undergo other alterations rendering our designs ill fitting.
  • Once you have taken final delivery of the web store or deliverable and/or account ownership is transferred to you or someone on your staff (this means you are owner of the Shopify web store).


  • Our liability is limited to the payment received from you against the project. In case you cancel a project we will have the right to sell or use the designs shown to you as we may deem fit.
  • Mineral.io reserves the right to proactively refund a client’s a payment and terminate a project if technical issues discovered once development is underway make meeting the demands of the initial estimate a 100% impossibility. Mineral will always communicate this to the client, should this be the case.


  • Hourly development projects estimated under $1,000 MUST be paid 100% before development begins.
  • Projects estimated at over $1,000 will not be initiated until a 50% deposit is accepted from the client. If an estimate range is provided to the client, the client will pay 50% the lower estimate to begin development work. The remaining balance is paid upon successful delivery and acceptance of the final solution.
  • Normally the balance is due upon completion of the website; however, the balance may also become due if the website is substantially done and for whatever reason, the completion is being held up by you, the client (for example, you are waiting for product photography, inventory, staffing etc.).
  • Refunds are not given if you have merely changed your mind about proceeding after we have built your site. If you are unhappy with how your site looks and functions, you need to let us know within the “Design Phase” of the project, before we invest more energy into a site that is not working for you. In the absence of this, it will be assumed you are satisfied.
  • Payment on final invoices is due upon successful delivery of the code/web store. In other words, once a project is complete, you must pay your remaining balance before the store “goes live.” A project may also be deemed complete when store ownership is transferred to your company. If you are not ready to make your store “live” at the time of completion the final invoice must be paid regardless as opposed to waiting indefinitely until your company is strategically ready to use the web store.
  • Domain name and Shopify registration fees are not refundable.


  • Scoop creep happens. We will do our best to alert you when a timeline will be extended, and extra hours are required for already in-progress projects.
  • Client calls and project management time constitutes billable hours for ALL projects.
  • All phone calls must be scheduled via an online scheduler.

That’s it! Just the legal stuff. We promise, we will work hard for you. We’re nice people. Let’s do this!

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