100% Done-for-You Email Marketing to Drive Profit and Loyalty.

Shut Out Your Competition – and Drive More Loyal, Enthusiastic Buyers to Your Business

Dear Fellow Retailer,

You’re no stranger to the fact that businesses like yours absolutely must use online resources for finding and attracting long-term customers.

If you’re like most retailers, you’ve probably tried just about every “shiny object” out there when it comes to marketing online. It seems like a new piece of software or a “brand-new, drop-dead simple” system for getting traffic and converting prospects into customers comes out just about every week!

It’s hard to resist the temptation to try out the latest social media hack or buy into a new system that promises to bring you targeted traffic by the truckload. But you’ve undoubtedly found out that these “cutting edge” methods for building your client base don’t really work all that well. In fact… in most cases, they don’t work at all.

The simple truth is… the most effective way of reaching your best customers online is the same today as it was 20 years ago…

Through email.

Email Marketing is the Safest Way to
Get Consistent Results.

But… most retailers aren’t email marketing experts. They know they want to get in front of potential (and current) customers in an effective way… but they don’t know what kind of content to send!

And when it comes to the “nuts and bolts” of an email campaign – such as design, timing, etc. - they don’t have the time or interest to figure out these critical elements. You can undoubtedly relate – you’d rather be running your business than sweating over an email campaign!

So the bottom line is…

You’re Not Getting the Customers You Need
from Your Email Campaigns!

But the good news is… you could be!

What if I told you that you could have a team of experts on your side to plan and execute “done for you” email campaigns that are laser-targeted and deliver the exact messages you need to get and keep loyal customers?

What if you could focus on running your business and taking care of your customers while experts deploy strategic emails to help you build authority and gain the trust of your audience?

And best of all, what if you could get these “done for you” email campaigns affordably?

Do you think that would help your retail business?


We’re Mineral.io – and We’re Here to Make Email Marketing Work for You!

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of email marketing. And our experts work with you to develop timely, engaging messages that connect you to your audience and keep them buying from you!

We give you the flexibility to give as much or as little input as you want. If you have creative and a promotional calendar to send us, great! If not, we’ll work with you to develop exactly the right message and schedule!

You’re not just getting rehashed email content your audience has seen a hundred times. We use our extensive marketing, copywriting, and design skills to deliver fresh, relevant, engaging content that makes you the “go to” authority in your niche!

And you don’t have to lift a finger!

There’s simply no easier way to take advantage of the raw power of email marketing. We put together email campaigns for dozens of companies just like yours every day… and use them to dramatically increase conversions and retention, even for retailers who previously struggled for years! Why spend another day missing out on the wealth of buyers that email marketing can bring to your business?

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