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analyticsIf you are like many e-commerce store owners, you’ve cycled through more PPC agencies than you care to remember. You know the power of paid advertising: how AdWords can bring you traffic in minutes, how Facebook can allow you to target your competitors’ followers, and how Google Shopping can transform your product data into a steady stream of high ROI conversions.

That all sounds great, but it’s executing on a decent PPC program that has you hamstrung:

  • Should you hire someone to run PPC internally? Or keep trying agencies?
  • Why are you getting so many !P#%&!#@ feed errors in Google Merchant Center?
  • What are typical returns that you should expect as an e-commerce retailer?
  • What’s a reasonable way to deal with a paid ads agency to avoid racking up fees?
  • What Facebook ad strategies work best for your kinds of products? What tactics are retailers like Bonobos and Honest Company using effectively?
  • How can I use Pinterest to aquire customers?
Google employees – The Intern.

Google employees

Answering these questions takes time — time you don’t have as a small team. Moreover, paid ads are a moving target: in the last year alone, Google rolled out over one thousand changes (!!!) to Adwords.

In essence, you could learn all there is to know today, and tomorrow you’d have to hit the books again! Better put some coffee on!

Outsourcing PPC management seems like a good idea, but it’s often not all it’s cracked up to be. To most larger agencies you become a number, a mere cog entered into their automated bidding algorithm. And even the smaller agencies often don’t understand retail – the fact that you might drop-ship, that you might want to build a remarketing pool for the holiday season, that certain tactics do amazingly well for e-commerce retailers on Facebook while other ones fall flat consistently.

Let’s hit the pause button for a second — what if you could have everything?

How easy would your life be if you could just trust that your paid programs were dialed in with no work on your part?

Imagine your ideal PPC advertising solution...

  • You would outsource it — you don’t want additional overhead or employees.
  • Your outsourced agency would be a true partner: they’d understand online retail, they’d educate you about new techniques and opportunities that are killing it for other merchants, and they’d work with you to set a comprehensive strategy.
  • You would have insightful data on your performance: you’d know what was working, what wasn’t, and what your agency was doing week to week.
  • You would have complete transparency over fees — no surprises or “percentage of ad spend” fee structure.
  • You’d have complete freedom: you could try out your agency and if you don’t like them you could kick them to the curb — without losing a dime.


We ran retailers ourselves (for a combined sixteen years!). And we hated our experience with paid advertising agencies. That’s why we built our own offering specifically for e-commerce retailers, no matter what platform you’re currently using.

When you use Mineral Paid Advertising Management, you get a tool designed from the ground up to add value to you as a e-commerce retailer:

  • An all-in-one solution— We aren’t an Adwords agency or a Facebook agency, we are a paid advertising agency. After assessing your business, we could get you up and running on any search channel, shopping engine, and/or social channel that makes sense for you. We also set up and QA all tracking to make sure you have all the right data, and we make suggestions for landing page improvements based off what we see working for other retailers.
  • E-Commerce Focused — We know online retail platforms like the backs of our paid ads lovin’ hands. So create an account for us, and we will do all the heavy lifting of implementing tracking codes and exporting product feeds. We’ll do the creative work on your ads. We’ll also share with you what has worked and hasn’t for almost every e-commerce retailer we’ve worked with.
  • Easy to understand “Made vs. Paid” Reports — Twice a month we’ll deliver a “bottom-line” report of what you’ve made via all your campaigns vs. what you’ve paid in ad spend. And it’s not just a data-dump: we also add in our color commentary concerning what we are seeing and what we might try out to improve things.
  • Regular webinars on e-commerce platform news, paid advertising best practices and new techniques. Let us spoon-feed you paid search knowledge. Gettin’ hungry?
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee — Our business only works if you are happy — so you’ve got nothing to lose to have us run with your account for 30 days.
  • No setup fees, and you can cancel anytime — no long term contracts.
  • And real, live, friendly, English-speaking, retail-veteran humans. No "offshore" outsourcing.

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This includes advertising on search networks including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also includes retargeting / remarketing efforts on these networks. ended up being a great partner in my paid search efforts. They answered all my questions and built out campaigns that pump out positive ROI like clockwork. The reporting is great and it has freed up time for me to focus on other aspects of the business I excel in.

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